. Plantable Seeded Wedding Card. Best Seller. Includes 'Free Delivery'.

3 For 2
Seeded  Wedding Cards. Eco friendly, sustainable

. Plantable Seeded Wedding Card. Best Seller. Includes 'Free Delivery'.

Part of our 3 for 2 offer. 

A beautiful keepsake of the 'Couples Special Day' 

Our Seeded plantable Wedding Cards not only look gorgeous but, make such a special memory of the couples 'Special Day'. 

The seeds grow into beautiful Colourful Wild Flowers. 

The card is fully Sustainable and Eco Friendly. 

A gorgeous card left 'Blank for you to write your own message.  Comes in a' Gold Envelope 

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All our Cards are Part of Our 3 for 2 Offer. 

Plus 'Free Delivery is Included. 

Also included in the offer is Our Gorgeous Sea Grass Cards.  Please click the link below to view.....

Our Sea Grass Cards are perfect for Valentines Day.

Part of our 'Just Before You Go Collection. 

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